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Stairs on Phones

Effective June 15, 2023, roundups and recurring transfers will no longer be supported in Stairs.


Investors who were previously earning promotional rates of 5% or 6% based on these features will now be earning a base rate of 4%. 

To start earning higher rates available to Groundfloor investors with our Notes and LRO products, transferring funds directly from the Stairs app to your Groundfloor Investor Account is easy. Transfers are instantaneous and funds are immediately available to invest in a range of short-term, fixed-term Groundfloor Notes currently offering 5% to as much as 8.5%, or LROs currently offering up to 14.5%. 


If you are currently not a Groundfloor investor, visit Groundfloor.us, select Log In and enter your current email address and password to claim your Groundfloor account.

To learn more about investing in Groundfloor Notes, please visit our Notes page here.


To learn more about investing in Real Estate with Groundfloor LROs, please visit our investment page here.